Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adventures at the Cabin

Last weekend we decided that we needed to find a way to beat the heat, so we ventured up to Kyle's family cabin in Pinehurst, CA. This place has come to be one of my favorite places. There's nothing like sitting back under a blanket, listening to the creek, reading a book, and enjoying this sweet little hiding spot with my family. My mom has been visiting for the past two weeks and Kyle was especially excited to show her the place that is nearest and dearest to his heart, where he has spent a great deal of his life.
One of Connor's favorite parts is to walk down by the creek. The water was very cold to me, but he probably would have jumped in had I let him.

Another of his favorite things is that he gets lots of snacks. This peanut butter cookie was a treat!

We took a long nature hike and stopped at lots of cool places for pictures.

We found a pear tree and couldn't keep this little man away. We're still enjoying some of those pears!

Apparently ladybugs hibernate in this area. My mom and I were amazed at the rocks and trees and railings that were covered with ladybugs.

More fruit, but these apples weren't quite ready to be picked.

It was such a fun day relaxing, exploring, and admiring God's beauty. I can't wait to get back up there!