Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

The past several weeks have been pretty hectic as we're ending our work year and getting ready for summer. This weekend we made sure to make time for some R&R, as well as some fun with friends and family. Saturday morning we celebrated a special little girl's birthday at a fun Minnie Mouse birthday party. When we got to the party, Connor recognized Minnie in a balloon and screamed as loud as he could "Hey Minnie!!" while waving to the balloon. He was pretty pumped about the theme.
Connor is not afraid of anything at the park. He wants to play on all of the big kid equipment, which keeps me a little tense the whole time.

Because we were off Monday, we wanted to do something fun. The weather was so nice so we decided to take Connor to the zoo. Connor loves animals and making all of the sounds that animals make...elephants are his favorite.

One of our favorite parts of the zoo is letting Connor feed the giraffes. He is not hesitant at all!

But Not The Hippopotamus...

This is a special week for us because two of our closest friends are getting married on Friday. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful group of friends and we couldn't be happier for Stef and Caleb. Congrats! We love you!

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