Monday, February 21, 2011

We Love Weekends...

Especially when they're long! We didn't have too much going on, which made our weekend seem longer. On Friday our fun cousins came over for a nice meal of Orange Chicken, Mandarin Chicken, String Bean Chicken, rice, and cream cheese rangoons. Can you believe I cooked all that on a Friday???

We also baked cookies...

The cookies were so good that some of us couldn't stop eating the dough!

And the kiddos were sweet to let us take their pics of their craziness...

We finally got our pictures hung in the playroom. We've been trying to find cool ways to transform our formal dining room into a playroom. My handyman of a husband built a beautiful bookshelf to help keep all of Connor's books from being strewn everywhere...

It's working out great. :)

I stole an idea from my sister, put a little twist on it...and out came these pictures.

Now if I can get Connor to clean up the playroom every night, I will love it even more!

We had more company Sunday night and this time I actually cooked.

Mondays that can be spent at home...with your pj's...doing nothing...are the best!!

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  1. Love keeping up with you Kirchmans on this blog!!
    Love, Camille, John and Sabine