Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Special Day...

For a couple of reasons. First of all, it's beautiful outside! It's been sunny and 68 degrees all weekend. This kind of weather makes for a very happy toddler...which in turn means a very happy mommy...which in turn means a very happy daddy. :)

In December of 2008, we started attending The Well Community Church in Fresno. We knew from our first visit that this is where God would have us worship each week. We attended regularly and I got involved in the nursery. Once we had Connor, we didn't attend as regularly until he was old enough to be left in the nursery. And let me tell ya...that boy has had separation anxiety since that time. There was a point where we were getting paged every Sunday to go get him. It was so frustrating!! It got to the point where we didn't even want to go anymore. A sweet lady from my home town, Miss JanieBell, told me not to give up and to keep going to church even if he's cries the whole time, so we kept going. After his first birthday, he was getting better and we were getting paged less until...

In October 2010, The Well launched a campus closer to our home. Everything was new and different, especially Connor's classroom. It was like we had never made any progress and we were back to day 1. We couldn't even enjoy the service for watching the pager, just waiting for it to go off. The past couple of weeks have been better. He cries like a mad man when we drop him off, but his teachers have told us that he stops after about 10 minutes. But today was different...

TODAY HE DID NOT CRY!!! Not only did he not cry, but he almost jumped out of his daddy's arms to get down and play. We were shocked, as were his teachers! At the end of the service, I realized that we had not even taken our pager out to check it one time. His daddy was so proud of him, he treated us to a special Wendy's. :)


  1. Yay for sweet Connor! We are so proud of you! And yay to Mommy & Daddy for not giving up!

  2. I just discovered your blog! Yay for Connor! I can relate to your feelings - church was very frustrating and discouraging for the first year and a half of Lucy's life. Hopefully he'll be that excited every week now! By the way, that's a great picture of you on the blog!