Monday, February 7, 2011

Holiday Productivity...

Should be easy on days like today. It's a Monday, which can typically be a challenge to enjoy, but for whatever reason...we did not have to work today!! This is one of the reasons that I love working at the same place as my husband. This morning we slept in, had pancakes for breakfast, played outside, went for a walk...and all before nap time. I always look forward to nap time because I get some time to myself to do whatever I want. Usually it's a craft/sewing project, a room that needs cleaning, a little cooking, or even just putting myself into a TV coma for an hour...or two.

Today was a bit of a different story. While this morning with my boys was so fun, I had a funny feeling. It's hard to describe the feeling, but I think it was a combination of regret, dread, maybe a little shame. I definitely was not looking forward to nap time. And it all had to do with this...

I absolutely despise doing laundry. I don't mind so much sorting the dirty laundry and I can even start the washing machine. It's the rest that I struggle with. I've had to wash loads multiple times because I forget to put them in the dryer before they start to smell. It's very common for us to just get our clothes from either the dryer or the laundry basket instead of our closets. But this week is different. I went from a mountainous laundry basket to this...

And it only took about an hour to get it all folded, hung, and put away!
Now that the laundry basket is empty, somebody has a new toy!

I recently came to the realization that God just didn't make laundry one of my strengths and that's ok. So regardless of what my husband and my mother are thinking about me right now, just remember that He made up for it in other areas. :)

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  1. I struggle with it sometimes to Anna! It's ok...sometimes there are more important things to do. Now that I am student teaching and away from home all day, it seems as though I only do laundry about once a week which is different than the atleast once a day I was doing before.