Sunday, February 27, 2011


Can make me crazy. Everything about it: purchasing tickets, packing, checking in, traveling with a toddler, etc. I am grateful, however, for the convenience of flying. Luckily we are in a profession that gives us lots of holidays. We almost always take advantage of those holidays and fly to, what my husband calls, God's Gift to the USA...better known as Georgia. We consider ourselves "frequent flyers", although we never seem to have enough miles to show for it. That's probably because we don't stick to just one airline...we go for the cheapest. Usually about 6 weeks prior to our departure, we start hunting the best prices. We've always used Kayak to search and it directs you to the site with the best price, whether it be Orbitz, Expedia, or the actual airline's site.
My mom recently sent me the link to Kim Komando's website where, on this specific day, she was giving tips on finding the best airfare. In this article, Komando states that some airlines have removed their prices from showing up on sites like Orbitz and Expedia and they even jack up the prices sometimes. Kayak only provides prices from other sites, so it's still safe to use, but it's recommended to purchase from the actual airline.
We recently saw on the news that your web browser can also affect the airline prices that you're finding. I didn't know if I believed this, so I did a little test. We have Internet Explorer and Chrome installed on our laptop. I used Kayak to search for flights from LAX to ATL on the same date on both browsers at the same time. Both returned the same price. I've been searching for flights in the past week, so I cleared the cookies and all other browsing data on both browsers and did the search again. This time Chrome's price was the same, but IE's price was $44 cheaper than what it was 3 minutes prior. Shady, huh???
In the news report we saw, they recommended using Chrome and not IE. So I don't really have any good advice on which browser to use, but I do recommend trying multiple ones, deleting the cookies, and outsmarting these sketchy airlines to get the best prices!

This was Connor the first time he flew in November 2009...

And this was him the last time he flew two years later...


  1. Cutie pie! (all three of you, of course!)

  2. Good info! We are in the same boat with frequent flights to GA. Eli has flown round-trip SIX times already. I love that Connor flies in his pjs too. :)

  3. Tiff...Connor has flown 6 round-trip flights, too! We actually just booked his 7th. Will you be around at Easter?